• Oussama Sentel and Yousra Bouhali are the husband-and-wife team behind the Sentel Beauty brand. We desire to share our Love of Argan/Prickly Pear Oil and those Ancient Moroccan Beauty Secrets with novice and expert Beauty-Lovers alike.

    We came to Canada in November 2019 as a permanent resident to start a new challenge. We enjoy our life in Vancouver. We had our baby Julia in March 2021 and We have decided to start our business.

  • Sentel Beauty prides itself in using only the Highest Quality Ingredients Celebrating Culture with each ounce of oil that is produced.

    Sentel beauty is a True Labor of Love...

    Love for Beauty Beyond Borders.

    Love for the Ethical Treatment of Indigenous Women

    - Love for a product made with Quality and Care.

  • Sentel beauty is proud to present argan oil products crafted from 100% organic argan oil sourced directly and in fair trade from the Women’s Co-Operatives in Morocco. It’s ethically sourced beauty, by Moroccan women for women all across the globe.

    Made from kernels found on the indigenous argan trees on the rocky slopes of Morocco, our 100% pure argan oil or “liquid gold” truly lives up to its name! Our natural argan oil products, made from pure argan oil, are designed to remedy a variety of beauty problems ranging from acne and wrinkles to cellulite and all types of hair problems.

  • Sentel beauty brings ancient tradition to the forefront of Beauty. A Tradition kept alive for thousands of years by the Berber Women of Morocco. A main source of Independence and Economic security for this Vibrant Community is through the production of Argan and Prickly Pear Oil.